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Despite the economic woes of Covid, the housing market has remained strong due to high buyer demand, low inventory, and historically low interest rates. The data tells a story that aligns ironically well with supply line shortages in 2020. Do you remember what it was like to find a roll of toilet paper last summer? Well, we are basically experiencing the same phenomenon in the real estate market. How on earth could toilet paper sales have skyrocketed when there wasn’t a roll to be found in 50 states? Basically because while they kept restocking the shelves every morning, by noon the masses had swooped in to empty them. Contributing Editor, and Metropolist broker, Eric Martin helps tell this story of the Seattle real estate market shown in the data pages that follow.


Our steadfast resolve to maintain company culture shined bright in 2020 and continues in 2021 as not a lot has changed in our day to day lives. Covid remains a profound factor in the way we do business. Keeping our culture connected, and relationships sound and supported, is key for everyone to thrive in life and business. We continue to foster all of this and focus on further deepening our impact on the greater community. This includes diving into content and education around race and social justice, best practices in shifting the real estate and cultural landscape, and more work with organizations serving our most vulnerable neighbors.


Lack of affordable housing is a crisis in King County. The wealth gap is ever growing and the result is thousands of neighbors experiencing homelessness. This disproportionately effects People of Color, specifically women and children. At last count over 39% of these neighbors were black and indigenous while only comprising about 6% of the overall population.

Metropolist pledges 25% of our annual profits to support these neighbors by choosing an annual Community Partner. Our hope is that we can make an impact not only on that organization and the people they serve, but also by helping to educate and further the understanding of our brokers and clients along the way.


Chad Zinda – Designated Broker

Domenica Lovaglia – Director of Marketing

Jennifer Nelson – Director of Education


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash