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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Every day we hear people complaining about how much Seattle is growing, how slow traffic is, the constant housing shortages and overall whining about the congestion of the city. No matter how loud our cries might be, it looks like no one plans on leaving. In a recent study from Zillow, they uncovered some interesting facts on why Seattle has grown so vastly and the reason it won’t be slowing down in the coming years.

Seattle ranks number 9 in the fewest searchers looking to move out of their metro area and number 9 in the most searches from outsiders looking to move into the Seattle area. We are the one city in the US with just as many people looking to move here as are looking to move away. In a recent article from Huffington Post, 27 metro areas in the US, Seattle ranks in the top 6 with $83,000 needed to purchase a home. San Francisco ranks number one at $162,000. Despite a high income required to buy in Seattle it is still more affordable than renting. With the increases in rents, people are paying more for rent than they can actually afford!