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An Abundant Life, Managing Money & Reducing Debt

Long term, sustainable living on a commission without the weight of debt.

Pipe dream? Nope.
Action Plan? YES!
Co-Founder and Director of Education, Jennifer Nelson, shares her experience and a class inspired by lessons learned and successes achieved in finances.
I used to have a pattern in my life of accumulating debt. Not just a little debt, actually a fair amount of it. Then, I would find a way to pay it off through refinancing my house or combining it and taking out another loan to pay it off. metropolist seattle jennifer nelson
It wasn’t a great pattern.
It certainly wasn’t a “plan.”
I didn’t manage my money.
I had no savings.
And it was either feast or famine at any given moment in our commission-based industry. It was exhausting.
It actually felt heavy.
Like I was carrying around this sense of shame over my lack of discipline in this area of my life.
Does this resonate with you?
You’re not alone. I know I wasn’t alone, either. And now I practice a money system that works for me so I am living an abundant life no matter what the market is doing (or not doing).

I developed a class at the Learning Lab to help you create, develop and achieve an abundant life for yourself, while earning 3 clock hours. #YEAH!

You’re invited

It’s called Crisis Free Cash Flow class and it will be happening December 6th at the Learning Lab. Discover and understand the truths about managing money that helped me to get myself out of debt, and a bad habit and into abundance.

Ready for a preview?

  • It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how little, you can practice the Jars system of teaching yourself to put percentages into different spending categories.
  • There is an amazing power in having a pattern of saving and having it so systematized, that you don’t even know you are doing it. Then, one day you happen to check in our long term savings for spending account and it has accumulated $10,000.
    • How did you accomplish this?
      You started by putting 10% of each check in this account.

Many folks want to be bigger givers of their money but don’t feel like they can because they don’t have much money to give.  This clock hour class will change your mindset so you better understand that the amount doesn’t matter as much as the act of actually giving the money matters.

Join us for this class and get your finances in order for 2018. Register now!