Dustin Schisler

Dustin Schisler



“In any industry it is nearly impossible to find a hip environment where people laugh more than they yawn. Metropolist Real Estate pull it off.”

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Career Snapshot

  • Co-founder and performer with Pullman vs. Paxton Productions (BFA in Classical Vocal Performance at Cornish College of the Arts)
  • 10+ years as a Hotel Concierge in Seattle (I know this city and this city knows me)
  • 3 years as a Personal Banker
  • 3 years as a Licensed Personal Assistant at Windermere Real Estate West Seattle


  • From punk to opera, I love singing, playing, and listening to all genres of music. Yes – even showtunes.
  • Interior Design and DIY – My wife and I are slowly working on DIYing our home with the help of a goofy pair of Shih Tzus. So. Much. Pinterest. And. Instagram.
  • PNW Beaches – from La Push to Seabrook, I love getting outdoors

Why Dustin

A Pacific Northwest Lifer, I have loved in Gig Harbor North for the past 7 years and have lived/worked in the Seattle area for countless more. I aid my clients through the buying and selling process with concierge-like dedication and professionalism whether it’s your first time through the lending process, or you are a professional house flipper. I will work tirelessly to help you find the homes that you love, upgrade to a new place, or downsize with ease and comfort. You need to enjoy the process. Let me guide you through it.


Where other brokerages get lost in the idea of bigger is better, the leaders at Metropolist Real Estate have allowed for gradual, natural growth in their business while committing to their brand identity and mission. Where everyone touts things like “community” and “experience”, Metropolist lives and breathes it. The result is not just another real estate firm, but a trend-setting family of experienced, excited, helpful people who are all there for their clients and for each other. When you buy and sell with Metropolist, you don’t get the experience of one broker trying to stand out in a sea of them, you get a family of brokers all there to help you live your dream of purchasing a home.

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