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Battle of the Barristers

Chad Zinda reporting live-ish from the Battle of the Barristers event in Bellevue.


Good morning! This is Chad Zinda and I’m videoing live from the Bellevue Hilton where
we the annual Battle of the Barristers is being hosted.

Fun legal learnings

And the fun part about this particular event is the legal aspect and specifically the case law that comes into play.

I teach different segments in my broker meeting each week on legal updates, but this
event, usually held in March, highlights the actual cases that are hitting the streets and the courtrooms.

So we’re here with my crew and just saying hello. I look forward to sharing the learnings with both my brokers and my clients during our Tuesday meetings.

Education matters

The opportunity to learn is everywhere and this effort and the education from this event just make us all better brokers.

See you there!