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Building Client Relationships Through Video Messaging

Video messaging is an extremely powerful tool for relationship building—and its influence continues to grow.

report from video-sharing service BombBomb showed that compared to traditional email, messages with video earned tremendous amounts of engagement. Of the professionals who included videos in their business communications, 81% noticed an increase in replies, 68% saw more lead conversions and 56% reported more referrals. Not too shabby!

The success of video has to do with the personal element of the medium. Videos humanize you and your business, giving the recipient a more complete picture of who you are. This will help you build lasting client relationships that will sustain your business for years to come.

Recording impactful videos is easier than you think, and it doesn’t require any special equipment or production skills. Use these three tips to guide your content creation.

Be Authentic
Many people believe that videos need to be highly produced in order to make an impact, but this is not the case. When we start to overthink our video strategy, we get paralyzed and create nothing at all. Instead of fixating on making everything perfect, just try to be yourself. Your content matters more than the production. If your messaging demonstrates your competence and character, and puts the client first, how you made the video isn’t important.

Be Valuable
Each video you send should provide clients with value in some way. Avoid using the time to talk about yourself, as most video viewers drop off around 30 seconds, so you’ll want to get to the good stuff early on. Keep it light, informative and intentional for the best results. You may consider sending a brief local market update, an invitation to an upcoming client appreciation party or a follow up after dropping off a client appreciation gift. Can’t decide whether something should be a video or text? If it’s a message you’d rather share face to face, go for video to add a more personal touch.

Be Consistent
Whether you send a video once a month or once a quarter, consistency is key to building trust with your clients. Figure out a video schedule that makes sense for your database and stick with it. Each video will add to the one before it to help the client get to know you as a person and establish trust. Aim for videos that are consistent, timely and relevant. Consider building out a video content calendar to help get you started.

In a crowded inbox, the power of video will help you stand out to your clients and colleagues. Use video messaging to build deeper professional relationships while demonstrating your competence, character and personality. Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM recently introduced a video messaging tool add-on that lets users embed video directly into email for easier viewing. Learn more about Referral Maker CRM at

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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash