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Don’t Do This To the Listing Agent In A White Hot Real Estate Market

Submitting a contract in a multiple offer scenario for a property your buyer is dying to get into? Awesome. Be sure your first step in submitting your offer is a good one.

Have you seen this….or done this? (you can be honest, no judgement here).

We received this email message from a broker who shall remain nameless. The buyer wanted to submit an offer at the last minute.

real estate buyers offer submission


Rushed, pressed for time, slammed.

Yes. Totally get it.

But consider this
Are you making it harder for the listing agent to get your buyer’s offer in front of the seller….or are you making it easier?

Step into their multiple-offer shoes
Imagine you were the listing agent for a seller and you had 6 offers come in. Most of which would be arriving to your door, phone or laptop just prior to deadline.

Now, imagine having to review, prepare and present the most compelling offers, as the representative to your seller, in a short period of time….and you receive this kind of email that has you downloading and then printing out the document.

Something the buyer’s agent could have easily done.

Are you cranky yet?

Taking 2-3 small steps to ease the journey for the listing agent will make you, and your buyer, look serious about the property. Not rushed, disorganized ….and frankly, a little bit lazy. That buyer’s offer is now standing out all right, but in a bad way.

Make it as easy and seamless as possible for the listing agent to get your buyer’s offer in front of their seller.