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Case Study: Buyer, Investor & Client Shares Insights & TIps

Allice Brandt bought 2 Seattle properties in the past 4 years. 

One purchase was intentional and competed with other offers. The other purchase was an accident with a home that had passed its review date. More than these two stories though, there are a few things Allice shares that will help you in achieving your real estate dreams.

Sara Starr Poulsen Metropolist real estate Seattle brokerBe an Educated Buyer

Allice’s shares that her innate interest in the real estate market and willingness to research the components that make a good investment property “…makes us (more) educated buyers, which I think, makes us easier clients to work with.”

Her ongoing research on properties goes beyond pricing to things like floor plan analysis, garages and parking, fenced yards etc. Plus, studying the rental market in general, because owning rental properties is part of their family’s bigger financial plan so it’s critical to understand rent trends and be clear on your target price range.

“It’s kind of like wedding dress shopping,” she Allice noted. “You don’t want to look at $15k wedding dresses in hopes of spending $5k on a dress. Knowing the numbers really cuts down a lot of other options.”

Knowing Your Real Estate Goals

We checked in with Allice’s broker, Sara Starr Poulsen, about what she saw that helped this couple to achieve purchasing 2 homes in our intensely competitive market. Sara’s main observation? Their goals were really clear: they knew they wanted a larger home and an investment property.

Sara shared, “I gave her the tools and education she needed by doing a comprehensive market analysis of each property. She and her husband really narrowed down what their goals were, and then focused on those, which took a lot of the emotional stuff out of the equation.”

Your Broker

“Sara was exactly what I needed. I was familiar with her style and approach. She’s a professional, she knows all of her information Her style is as a straight-shooter in her sharing information with us.”

“Sara really gets things done, and there’s not a lot of room for error,” Allice remarked. “Working with Sara was a dream.”

Metropolist Magazine seattle real estate firm residential commercialAre you ready to take the next step toward your real estate vision?

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