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Celebration Matters

For 3 of his 4 years, he’s enjoyed memorable events at Metropolist.

Imagine: a young boy suddenly seems lost in a throng of beachgoers on Alki beach.

“It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. Oz could have crossed the busy street or gone anywhere with anyone,” stated mom, Monique. She screamed for Oz as she ran along the path. “A few long minutes later I saw him coming toward me.”

Metropolist is part of their family emergency plan

“At 4 years old, he can’t remember our address or phone number. He knows my last name, but it is difficult to spell,” shared Monique.

But Oz knows and loves Metropolist. “We drive by the office all the time, and he points it out while talking about Seahawks parties, seeing Caspar Babypants, Domenica and her family.

“Our emergency lost or separated plan is that Oz will tell someone our names, and to look up Domenica at Metropolist. They know us and where we live.”

You’re always invited

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