• Instructor Chad Zinda

A Checklist for Greatness

Do you have what it takes?

Long gone are the days of pitting one agent against the other in the hopes of creating greatness and success in an entire firm- or they should be! In this blog post, Chad Zinda, Owner, Broker and Educator at Metropolist, talks about the core values that make Metropolist unique. Over the last century, we have seen the shaping of a real estate industry steeped in inter-colleague competition and self-serving ambition. Personally, in my 20 years in real estate, I have lost count the number of times I have seen colleagues pitted against each other, at management’s whim, transaction after transaction. This competitive and intimidating culture has left me cold. Not only is it not necessary, but it is outdated! This is how it was done in the past. This approach to business doesn’t reflect our present day world where collaboration and support are key. At Metropolist, we pride ourselves on a code of ethics that promotes our unique and collaborative approach to business, a culture that sets us apart. Read more on our blog.