• Instructor Jennifer Nelson

Tips on Interviewing Brokerages

Interviewing a Real Estate Brokerage

Take a look beyond fees and into value, fit, culture and satisfaction no matter what stage of broker life you’re in. A few thoughts from Jennifer Nelson, one of the owners of Seattle’s newest real estate firm, on how to sculpt your questions, what to consider and how to analyze the responses you receive. At the start of a new year, it’s a great time to be looking forward- at our goals, at our ambitions and at our place in the industry. It’s a wonderful time to contemplate changing firms and find a fresh perspective as well as a new approach to doing business. Like any new job situation, it’s important to do a reciprocal interview. Yes, it’s critical that the brokerage interview the potential broker, but it’s also crucial that the broker ask good questions of the prospective brokerage to determine fit. Learn the questions to ask that could change your life- and your business- for the better. Want to learn more about Metropolist to see if we’re a good fit for your business? Contact me today. I’m here to help! MARKETING-PERSONAL •We’ve got your back when it comes to marketing Personalized, customized broker marketing is standard in-house. Don’t skip a beat in marketing your listings or reaching your clients. Metropolist has an in-house marketing team totally devoted to helping you connect with your clients and cultivate an image of professional character and competence. Metropolist auto flow includes a twice monthly email sent automatically to your database with your branding, listing postcard and flyer creation. We also support you in creating and implementing custom projects to fit your needs. This marketing service is free of charge when you become a Metropolist agent. Don’t sweat your marketing. We’re here to help.

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