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Will Discount Brokers Cost a Homeowner?

A few thoughts on the high cost of a discount broker.

I recently had two different clients who were deciding whether to work with me, or with a discount broker.

Jennifer Nelson, co-founder of Metropolist.

It was fantastic to have the privilege of a conversation with each of them about the high costs they will pay to use a discount broker…ironic, right?

The idea of a discount

What we talked about was this idea of a “discount.”

Whenever a client is asking for a discount, the best thing to do is to ask what that word means to them. What will it look like to receive this?

Are they really asking for a percentage off?

Or do they want to bring more in on the overall sale?

Most of the time I find that they just want to “net” the most money.

Well those are two different things: asking for a discount vs netting the most money.

Do you see this?

I can talk all day about how I can net sellers the most money, without offering them a discount.

The real high cost for the sellers is to believe that by getting this “discount,” they will help (increase) their bottom line.

How is this the “real high cost”?

When in reality, the discount broker does not have the time or willingness to work all the angles, price for the market, have contacts to help them get market ready and dial for dollars on the offers that do come in.

So in a seller’s quest to save money, they’ll are actually losing it when they work with a discount broker.

Could you confidently & successfully have this conversation with a prospect?

At Metropolist we talk a lot about how to articulate your value to folks who don’t understand all you do.

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