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Embracing Technology May Be Now or Never for Real Estate Pros

For some time, technology has played a major role in real estate, with various tools and tech platforms designed to streamline our business and make it easier for us and our clients.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life more than any of us could have predicted. Real estate professionals across the country are adjusting to a new way of doing business, and many have found the answer in technology.

Real Estate Tech—It’s Now or Maybe Never
Unfortunately, it might be some time until real estate can operate as it once did, so for many, learning and investing in technology is now the answer. Agents, broker/owners and corporate employees have all had to adjust, reevaluating most of their responsibilities to find new ways of doing them virtually or remotely. With Zoom, Google Hangouts and other video conferencing tools, teams can continue to work together, share and collaborate in real-time.

Now more than ever is the time to embrace technology, and we’ve seen it happening as real estate agents host virtual open houses, share documents via electronic platforms and meet clients online.

Virtual Real Estate Takes Over
Video, virtual tours and even virtual reality (VR) tools have been critical in the last few months for real estate pros who are unable to show a home in person. Agents can continue to work with their clients, show them listings and close deals, avoiding unnecessary exposure to others. This keeps both the agent and the client safe, while getting the job done. There are many different VR and 3D tour companies, which provide agents the opportunity to show properties, giving clients the chance to purchase a home while respecting social distancing norms.

Google Street View and Matterport are two excellent tools for the early stages of the buying or leasing process. The technology has quickly advanced to give clients an incredible experience while truly exploring a property from the safety of their own home. This technology was gaining momentum before the coronavirus pandemic, but it has now become a mainstay for the real estate transaction process.

Doors are beginning to open back up, and the world is trying to map out its new normal. For real estate, the coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial and everlasting effect on the industry. The professionals that come out of this on top are the ones that are willing to adapt their business and embrace technology.

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Photo by Glen Carston Peters