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A Golden Question for Your Personal & Professional Life

Put two simple, but deceptively powerful, words together regularly.

Put them in the form of a question and get ready for gold. The two-word question is:

“What else?”

From the Ninja Selling Systems and Larry Kendall come the value of asking these two words regularly in your business… and in your life too.

Why is this question so powerful?

Our brains are often on autopilot, especially when we answer questions in passing. Normally we aren’t even consciously coming forward with what we really think.

We are regularly reacting.

Reacting vs. responding

Case in point: take the question “How are you today?”  It’s almost always answered with the word “Fine”.

This answer of “fine” comes with very little thinking, in fact it is usually just the reaction to what we have been taught to say when asked “how are you?”.

When attempting to learn more about a person, a client, a situation; consider asking the two simple words of “what else?”

Allow the responder time to think and become conscious about what they might really want, or how they really feel.


In a buyer consultation

Ask your potential buyer clients what they are looking for in a broker.

Usually the question elicits some generally anticipated responses of “honest, communicative, etc.”

After that, then pose the question of “what else?”

That’s the precise point in the conversation where you’ll get the juicy goodies that really help you connect with them as buyers. They will be responding, not reacting.

For example

A buyer might say first they are looking for an honest broker, but when asked what else, they might say they want someone who explains the process and educates them about this big investment in their lives.

That last bit is what you can really work with or demonstrate.

Without asking “what else?” you would miss these important responses that share needed insights into this particular buyer’s fears about buying a home.

Take the time to ask, and give them time to answer. Because when you ask “what else?” the answers are gold.

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