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Having Trouble Selling Your Home? This Could Be Why

Selling your home is a roller coaster ride like none other. Depending on your situation, you are most likely dealing with a range of emotions and pressures. Perhaps you have another home you’re ready to move into and are in a financial crunch until you sell your current home. Or maybe you’re relocating for a job and are under a strict deadline to be in a new state by a certain date. No matter what your situation, when your home is on the market for too long and not selling, it’s stressful.

There’s usually a combination of factors contributing to your home not moving off the market, which you should discuss with your real estate agent. But here are some problems that you may be able to address in the meantime:

It’s priced too high. While you may believe that your house is well worth the price you’ve listed it for – and it may be – current market conditions may not support this price point. Talk to your agent about the most current comparables to get a closer look at what’s going on pricing-wise in your neighborhood.

Repairs are needed. If your home needs major repairs, it could be a turn-off to prospective buyers who are unwilling to take on the hassle and the expense of fixing things. You have two options here: make the repairs yourself or lower the price.

It’s not staged properly…or at all. Believe it or not, staging a home can be a highly effective strategy for getting it sold, especially if your decor is too cluttered, personal or outdated. A home stager will know how to depersonalize the style as well as open your home up to make it look as spacious and inviting as possible.

You’re using the wrong photos…and no video. The majority of homebuyers are beginning their search online, so your listing photos are critical. Are they professionally done? Are there plenty of them that show every room and all of the outside areas? Are they shot in the best light and from the best angles? How about video? More and more sellers are using video to showcase their home as well as the surrounding area. Make sure this is part of your presentation as well.

It’s not being properly marketed. If you haven’t done so already, sit down with your real estate agent and find out exactly how they’re marketing your home. Which websites is your home listed on? What is the direct mail campaign? How is your agent tapping into his or her networking groups? How about social media? Make sure your home is being exposed to the best group of prospective buyers possible.

If one of the above reasons is potentially a factor in the delay of your home’s sale, talk to your real estate agent about how to best resolve the issue. His or her expert advice will help point you in the right direction.


Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay