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How to Use Different Textures to Spruce Up Your Home

When homeowners think about interior decorating, they tend to think about paint colors and furniture, while giving less thought to texture. Adding texture to a house can mean using different materials or using a variety of objects in a room to create visual interest, tie elements together, and make a room feel “finished.”

When looking for ways to add texture to your home, focus on using pieces that are made from numerous materials. You may want to incorporate a variety of colors, or you may choose to utilize different shades of the same color to create a layered effect.

A patterned rug can instantly catch people’s eyes when they enter a room. A rug with tassels or fringe can also create a pleasant feeling when family members or visitors walk across it with bare feet. You may even want to layer two rugs to take advantage of multiple textures.

Throw Pillows
You can incorporate patterns and textures on furniture. One or more decorative throw pillows with embroidery or a pattern that utilizes different materials can a room feel more inviting. You may also want to experiment with a blanket on a sofa or chair or a textured bedspread.

Wall Art
Art doesn’t just refer to photographs and paintings. If you would like to add some character to a room, put up a tapestry or wall hanging with an interesting pattern or image. You may also want to cover the walls with textured paint or wallpaper to serve as a backdrop and help you tie together other design elements in the room.

Window Treatments
Curtains, drapes, and blinds can all add texture to an interior space. Consider a variety of materials and take into account how much sunlight the room tends to get. You may want to select a material that can add visual interest while also helping you control the temperature in the room and keep your utility bills down.

Greenery can make any space feel more relaxing and welcoming. You may want to choose plants with different leaf shapes and textures and incorporate them in different parts of the house, or you may decide to cluster several species together in the same room for visual interest.

Creating the Right Interior Design is a Process
Adding texture to your home may take time. You may not have all the right pieces available right now, and you might not find them all in one shopping trip or in one online search. When you come across a piece that appeals to you, you can add it to the furniture and decorations you already have to gradually add texture.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash