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Barb’s Lesson

Service and the question that can lift discouragement.

Jennifer Nelson shares a personal lesson that always helps her business and herself.

My mother has a way of looking at life that inspires me. She is very focused on serving others. She is empathetic and can feel another’s pain with them. She also rejoices with them.

One day I called my mom to complain about my bad day and how things just weren’t working out. She listened to me, she actively listened to me. She felt my discouragement, she acknowledged my “pain”.

Then, she said something that continues to influence my life and my business to this day. She said, “what can you do for someone else today?”

I was completely humbled.

She helped me change my focus first by being with me in my pain but then she reminded me that service has a funny way reminding us of what is important.

How does this work in real estate?

It works well in real estate when you are discouraged you don’t’ have any business.

The question to ask yourself is “how can I serve my clients today?” 

I don’t necessarily mean what houses you can show you them, or what CMA you can do, but could you bring them cookies at work? Could you discover something from their Facebook posts that you could call and ask them about?

How can you serve your clients and keep a mindset of service today?

It will pay you without fail in many ways, including lifting your immediate mood and mindset.