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Meet our newest broker, Pam Vanek!

Pam Vanek joined Metropolist in July. Her grandparents met in Seattle during World War II. She laughs that while she was raised in Houston, Texas, she considers herself Seattle-bred. Pam has lived in Washington for 35 years so she knows the market in this region really well. We are excited that she has brought her experience to our team!

“For three months, business was slow; nothing was happening. Clients were nervous. Everyone has a different comfort level with the market because of COVID, but now, buyers and sellers alike are pouring in.” Pam admitted.

So we asked for more insights from her unique perspective. Welcome to Metropolist, Pam!

How do you know you have a good realtor?

A good realtor is someone who listens, who learns about you, who considers where you live and work, who honors your budget. They are also someone who anticipates, understands, and identifies compromises to help you make a thoughtful decision on whether to sell or what/where to buy.

I enjoy digging in for my clients; uncovering information and bringing awareness to help my clients figure out what they want. I share my bias, but make sure my clients do what they want. I believe abundance is in service. When you put your client first, your interest follows suit.

House vs. Location

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. The perfect house in the perfect location doesn’t exist, no matter your budget—you just have to pick one out and make it perfect for you and your family. Having a house doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a home.

If you can—I recognize COVID-19 has robbed many of us from this practice—take a minute to think about the future.

  • Pick any house, anywhere, and fast forward 10 years. Generally, you’ll experience a compounded 4% year-over-year appreciation. That’s not something you’ll see paying rent.

  • Or, fast forward just five years. Consider the environment surrounding the house.

    • Where do you want to live and be creative?

    • Where do you want to spend your time and energy?

Live Where You Love and Love Where You Live

Remote working options have most people rethinking where to spend their waking and working hours.

What environment is going to be the best for you and your family? This is especially more important to consider during a pandemic. All we have right now is our time and our health.

Where do you want to spend all your time staying healthy?

Why Real Estate & Why Metropolist?

I am a house junkie. I can’t stay away! The market interests me, and I love matching people to homes. Metropolist had been on my mind after attending a function there. I loved the vibe; they are people who seem to think the way I think with an openness to learning, sharing their best business practices, and growing together.

Metropolist also has perks! They offer to help me market my listings— for me something that can be tedious but needs to get done. I am bummed we are unable to work in the office because of the pandemic, but only because I can’t wait to meet everyone on the team in person!

Metropolist also supports anti-racism movements; my son is multi-racial—he is a local contractor and has his real estate license—so that is incredibly important to me. I am, at my core, anti-racist.

When you’re not working, what do you do to keep your spirits up?

I love to cook (and eat)! Our kitchen is in the middle of a major remodel, so it’s difficult to cook any of my go-to recipes with my current setup (a completely gutted, to the studs, kitchen). So I used the excuse of no working oven to order an outdoor pizza oven and now I’m excited to try my hand at the fine art of  Neapolitan pizza.

And when my remodel is done, I’ll have a nice open kitchen that feels like a sunroom. The best of both worlds, to me.

I also enjoy gardening. My husband has a career in cancer research but his master’s degree is in botany—he loves landscaping—so we work to surround ourselves with a beautiful environment that fulfills our individual creative desires.

After all, that’s what makes a house, a home.

Ready to make a move?

If you have been looking for a brokerage that aligns with your values and helps your business grow, look no further. Metropolist has room for you!

The wait is over, let’s chat.