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Metropolist Nation: Seattle Real Estate Happs: Week of June 18 – 24

What’s cookin’ this week, Seattle real estate brokers?

How is your broker life, Seattle realtor? Are you keeping cool in the heat? While delivering flyers, getting to your open houses and managing to fit some fun stuff into your days as well? Want to let you know what’s going on at Metropolist this week.

You’re invited to all of it.

Monday, the 18th

Contract / Skills at 10am.

We are answering the question “What is Title & Escrow? …And who pays for this?”

We will practice with a partner and then practice explaining it to your client and finding the areas within the Purchase and Sale Agreement that contain provisions for this issue. Bring your screens/electronic devices so you can access the Xpress Forms online.

**Just because you think to yourself, “Oh, I know this subject, so I won’t go to class” isn’t the same as saying it and practicing it. Be here.

Tuesday, the 21st

Broker Meeting starts up at 10am sharp. Please come early, get parked and get your coffee and burrito and get settled by 9:30am. Thanks in advance.

Then at 11am; PopLab Class “Navigating Strategies for the Win!”

Photos also at 11am (Tech Tuesdays begins next week right after the meeting with Domenica)

Wednesday, the 20th

Guess who’s touring up north today? We are!
If you’d like to join, let me know. We are leaving office by 10:30am.

Thursday, the 21st

Bonafide touring on the 1st day of Summer. Wahoo!

Friday, the 22nd

Rainbow Bingo at the West Seattle Senior Center! We are sponsoring this super fun event this month. Shenanigans start at 5:30pm at the West Seattle Senior Center… 3 tickets remain. If you haven’t paid yet, please bring all the monies to Hayley.