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Navigating the CoWorking Environment- A Productivity Panel Discussion August 5th 10am-12pm

The CoWorking panel was a huge success! Coworkers from all over town joined together and talked about how to be an active part of a coworking community while staying productive and focused along the way.

Here is a little snipit from Seton Gras at Surf Incubator.

Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere, and with it a new culture of working has been born.

Back in 2013, Forbes Magazine published an article called “Why Coworking Spaces Are Here to Stay”.

But what about now in 2015?

What about here in Seattle?

Part of this culture is the demand for a certain type of workplace that is open and collaborative. But it’s a space that can also be distracting, devouring your attention and time as easily and cunningly as …just
taking one more quick look at that beguiling Instagram feed.

And what about productivity?

How does coworking impact “getting it done”?

Seasoned pros, doubling as panelists for us, will explore the topic of productivity in today’s 24/7, multi-channeled, flurry of a world we live in. Coworking, one of Seattle’s hottest growing trends, will be examined and evaluated by our panel of some of Seattle’s busiest coworking space pioneers and other area worker bees.

The panelists will share tips, tricks and hacks for saving time, increasing efficiency & productivity. Learn how to improve your quality of life for your “off” hours too.

Moderated by:
Randy Engstrom, Office of Arts & Culture Seattle

Panelists include:
Office Nomads
West Seattle Office Junction
Impact HUB
SURF Incubator
Hing Hay Coworks
WorksProgress Seattle
… and others TBA!