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Building Personal Equity as Brokers …and as People

Brokers! Let’s talk about building equity in relationships.

As real estate brokers, we spend a lot of time talking about equity.

We talk about it in terms of housing: mostly making sure to help our clients build their equity in their own properties.

Changing the angle

But what about building personal equity? What about taking the time necessary to invest in our relationships with our clients so there is equity built there too?

There is a saying in our industry that goes like this, “Folks choose brokers because there is a balance of competence and character. Your skills give them an idea of your competence but this alone doesn’t cut it.

They need to connect with you. And this is where character comes in.

Take a look at the check-in questions below and see how you are doing with regard to building personal equity with your clients.

Check-in questions

How have you built up trust as a person, not a broker, but just as a person?

Have you stayed in touch in their lives?

Do you ask about their family?

Do you know when their kids got a metal in the baseball tournament?

How are you staying in flow with your clients to build that personal equity that will ensure they will continue to call you their broker and refer folks to you?

Build personal equity in the relationships with your clients today. Spend some time planning  how you can be more consistent in their lives and you will see your business flourish.