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Planning Tips for Better Real Estate Transactions

Incorporate ONLY IF you’re interested in better offers for your listing clients.

A little more planning and a bit of due diligence may be just the ticket. Both of which are entirely under your control.

better real estate transactions seattle metropolistDo you feel confident you are handling the offers in a manner that nets your sellers the most money?

Do you take the time to manage the details, so your clients feel cared for and ultimately net the most?

For example

5 offers are coming in for your listing! Hurray!
Do you put your deadline at 6pm?

Interpretation: That means “no!”

Please don’t’ make your deadline after 5pm.

Give yourself and your clients time to do their due diligence.

Here’s what time and due diligence could look like:

Schedule your offer review for 10am. At that time, you, the broker, will spend the next 2 to 3 hours calling all the brokers who submitted an offer to clarify their offers. Perhaps there are two that rise to the top, and you know they forgot to check some boxes, or need to ask if their clients would be willing to change one thing about their offer, or maybe you’d like to ask if they would get rid of the escalation form, etc.

You need time to do this. And your clients are counting on you to have this all prepared by the time you meet up with them.

Too often, agents will lay out 5 offers in front of their clients and have no system or have done no work to prepare for this to go well and ultimately to net them more money.

More about multiple offers

Also, multiple offers are everywhere here in Seattle. But did you know that money is frequently left on the table during these transactions? It’s true.  How often?

All. The. Time.

jennifer nelson metropolistRecently I had a listing that got one offer-it was fine but not great. I spent two hours calling around to those who had expressed interest to see if I could drum up another offer.

Sure enough, I got two more offers and the price went up $35,000 more for my client.

It is these types of details and professionalism each seller deserves. So up your game and proactively manage the details for your listing clients.

Upping your game

There are a million ways to up your real estate business. Two easy ways are via regular education.

We hold weekly Skills and Contracts classes, and also offer unboring, in person clock hour classes in the Learning Lab. Review the schedules, see what works, show up and then we’ll all level up together!