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Real Estate Negotiation Tip for Brokers: Stop Talking

Here’s how she used this tip when a seller asked her to discount her  commission.

This post was written for you, brokers and colleagues, by co-founding Metropolist Jennifer Nelson. Enjoy!

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I am often struck by how many words we, as brokers, say during the course of doing business and negotiating on behalf of our clients. Some brokers tend to ramble because they are selling a point, or trying to explain their side of the story. Do you ever do this yourself?

In my now 15 years in this business, one thing I have learned about good negotiation is the effectiveness of this tip:

Stop. Talking.

Case in point

Recently a client referred me to a new contact and seller. I met her at her house and we toured it and talked about our common friend and then started to talk about listing her house. She immediately asked me if I would give her a discount. I responded, “No. My business practice isn’t modeled after a discount broker.” And then I smiled. And then I STOPPED TALKING.

I didn’t explain anything any further. I just stopped and waited for her response. Then she said, “Oh, okay. Well, I thought I would ask.” And then we got back to talking about how to list her house.

Some brokers may think that more words is what will help folks see it their way-when in fact, it is the opposite.
Fewer words will help your client.

So, stand firm but always smile and know you have nothing to defend. You are simply being clear and direct about how you conduct your business. Your clients will actually appreciate that clarity, regardless of whether or not they continue on with you.

I’d love to hear how you put this tip into action and hope you’re willing to try it out. Let

metropolist real estate seattle brokerageme know in the comments, or via email, how it goes for you.

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