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Do Your Real Estate Offers Look Like This?

Do your Seattle real estate offers look like winners? Or, is there something you’re doing, or not doing, in your contract writing that could be impacting your business, your reputation, and your ability to win listings for your buyers?

In May, broker Jennifer Nelson had the hulking task of coordinating and presenting 40 offers to her Wallingford seller client. It was a great problem to have, sure.

AND a sizeable job. You can imagine the scramble as she also dealt with last minute submissions and poorly written or incomplete offers. It was actually pretty brutal.

Time was short.
Pressure was high.

Volume of data to process? Sky high.

And the caliber of the offers written?

On the whole, pretty poor.

There were very few well-constructed offers in a pool of 40.

Like, 5 or 6 were well written. Are you surprised?

Jennifer was.

More of the same

Since then she’s listed more properties and has experienced the same problems: incomplete contracts, with missing information or pages, making extra work to track down. Also, when direction was given about how to complete the offer, the direction was not followed or in many cases, attempted.

Out of sheer frustration at the low bar of performance she was experiencing as a listing broker, Jennifer has created this short, non-clock-houred class in an effort to deconstruct what a winning offer would look like.


Two reasons:

  1. Education matters. It’s what our Learning Lab is all about as part of our Code of Ethics.
  2. Opportunity exists. With so many poorly written contracts being submitted, there’s an opportunity to learn how to improve yours. Making your buyer, and yourself, look better, more together, more organized and ready to do business.

More relating in our relationships

Another part of the reason Jennifer created this pop-up course is out of sheer determination to raise our industry up a level. Raise our relationships to a level where we are actually relating to each other. Our local industry is small.

What if working together meant working more easily? More quickly? And more often? Within this small group that we know well? (This topic was touched on in a clock hour class earlier this year. Review this Buyer Strategy post to explore more.)

It’s fun to visualize

  • Getting to know other successful Seattle brokers and to jump in the pool with them.
  • Winning offers again and again for our buyers by paying closer attention to the submissions we send.
  • Plus, gaining a reputation for organization, negotiation and ninja skills. #hello
learning lab real estate school seattle winning offers

Top 10 Ways to Write Winning Offers

1 hour and $10 gets you a must-have education

As mentioned, Jennifer has recently rifled through so many badly constructed offers, she just needed to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The result? She made a real estate class about it.

Join Jennifer Nelson as she highlights what not to do when you’re sending in offers on properties for your buyer clients. Especially here in this red-hot Seattle market.

Register now for the Top 10 Ways to Write a Winning Offer

Monday, July 10
10am – 11am
At the Learning Lab at Metropolist
$10 and street parking
~ Education classes & workshops are always free for Metropolist brokers