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Leading the Real Estate Process with Buyers

Your Toolkit: empathy, creativity and continuing market education in Seattle.

Especially when working with buyers who’ve made multiple offers already.

Ugh. It’s tough. Uncertainty prevails until acceptance comes…in writing.

Keep your buyers close

Chances are good that your buyers haven’t experienced this kind of market before. This level of competition or even this level of (perceived) rejection.


After a slog of sending 3, 4…7…9+ offers, something called “buyer’s fatigue” is bound to set in.


Can you imagine how worn out you might be if you were being guided through an already-intense, major investment process…with the current level of market competition?

Now, imagine that you were entering the Seattle real estate market as a potential first time homeowner.

And, as the buyer, you were reading stories in the national and local news that share how other prospective buyers were choosing to waive contingencies (sometimes called “protections”), making offers to pay above asking price, pay cash and other types of tactics.

Do you think you’d be unnerved? Antsy? Worn out after a few offers?

Eye on the prize

Your buyers want a home. Keep the final goal top of mind for them …and for yourself too.

Check in with your buyers, but don’t just call it in.

Your leadership, attitude and perseverance, when positive and solution-oriented, in the process is going to bolster your buyers.

Creativity: Don’t forget your sense of humor

seattle real estate loyalty card metropolist


Keep it light, when it’s right.

And keep it moving.

A surprising case in point

One example of true collaboration, perspective and keeping  a sense of humor was shared by seasoned broker and co-founder Domenica Lovaglia….her buyers made her a “loyalty coffee card” to acknowledge her efforts in making a whopping 9 offers on their behalf.

How amazing is that?

What can YOU do?

If you’re looking to instill a bit of perspective, levity and acknowledgement, ask, what would be helpful or meaningful to them?

What else is going on in their lives right now?

How can I make it easier on them?

Continuing market education

Your continuing education in a hot market is critical to your success in navigating a buying process in a seller’s market. Relevant and recently created clock hours, plus your diligent review of articles and posts will give you more to work with strategically, and you’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise quickly and easily.

metropolist magazine seattle real estateA resource for you

We’ve got one more resource for you and your buyer to review together. The Metropolist Magazine.

Data and stories from the first half of 2017 will definitely help in crafting your strategy for the next offer for your buyer.

In good company

Be sure to check out Lilia’s story on page 5.

She made a staggering 17 total offers earlier in 2017 before landing her acceptance and becoming a brand new homeowner.

Read her story and review her success secrets to navigating that brutal search.

Download the Metropolist Magazine now.