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Why Are Seattle Home Sellers Getting Inspections?

The pros of pre-inspection.

There are varying opinions on this topic but we’ll share why you almost can’t go wrong when you have your sellers pre-inspect their home prior to listing


First of all, most sellers don’t have a very good idea of the condition of their house even if they are living there.

An inspection can give them professional, 3rd party valuation information to get their home market-ready.

No surprises

An inspection will call out items they may, or may not, choose to fix.

There’s another benefit to getting the list of items to fix: preparation.

Meaning, it won’t come as a complete shock to the seller, after they have settled on a price with a buyer, to have the buyer come back and ask for $10,000 or more off that price.

As a listing broker, you know your sellers get fixated on a price whether it is what you tell them is the market value and certainly once an offer comes through that they accept.

Sellers are usually already spending that money in their minds, So when an inspection item comes up they need to address and that net amount changes, their experience with you as their listing agent is changed even though it is not your fault in anyway.

A professional inspection and list of items to fix on the house make it less about you and the seller, and more about the property itself, during the transaction.

Buyer fatigue

Hundreds of  buyers have paid thousands of dollars on inspections in this competitive market and are weary of costs without having a house to show for it.

“Buyer fatigue” is real.

So, not having to shell out $500 to learn about the condition of a property may be the single most important item you do to get the house sold.  They might be great buyers but are just tired and don’t want to go through the hassle or the risk on that level.

Talk it out with you sellers. Your recommendations as their listing broker are the ones that will ease the process. Keep it simple and consider having your seller get a pre-inspection service done on their Seattle home prior to listing it on the MLS.