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Simple Home Staging Tricks to Incorporate Into Everyday Life

When selling your home, there’s no doubt that making the space look appealing can go a long way when it comes to landing a deal. When you are looking to sell, it’s worthwhile to invest in a home stager whose trained eye will ensure your home puts its best features forward. However, that’s not the only time you can benefit from a home stager’s expertise. Borrow these tricks from the pros so that you can enjoy your home even more in your everyday life.

Rearrange or Rehome Your Furniture
The more furniture in a room, the more it tends to look cluttered and small. Home stagers look at your room’s potential and arrange the furniture accordingly. Maybe you don’t really use that extra side table on the end of your couch, or if you move your small kitchen table against one wall, you can open up more walking space and visual separation between your dining and living areas. Play with your furniture with fresh eyes, and don’t keep anything you don’t use. Even if it’s “conventional” to have a pair of side tables, the space you gain from nixing one may be worth it.

Opt for a Large Area Rug
A small area rug in the center of your room may seem cost-saving, but it will visually shrink the space. Spring for a large rug that creates a minimum border of uncovered space, the last thing you want your decor to do is make your usable living space feel smaller. Investing that extra cash will be worthwhile.

Avoid Dead Space
While a minimalist design can help your home feel larger, you still want to avoid dead spaces that feel unwelcoming. Keep all corners and nooks of the home alive with an additional light source, like a floor or wall lamp, wall art or even a plant. This is especially helpful at the end of hallways or other small nooks within the home. Brightening these spaces can ensure that every inch of your house feels cozy and welcoming.


Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash