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Skills Pay the Bills: Answer the Phone

Do you frequently just let your phone go to voicemail?

The latest installment in our onoing series about how to of be a successful real estate broker in Seattle by Jennifer Nelson.

Have you ever been in a transaction where the other broker just doesn’t call you back?

Jennifer Nelson, co-founder of Metropolist.

Or, doesn’t respond to text message?

And/or is incredibly slow to reply on email?

Well I just was.


And it was notable enough to write this post about my experience.

So, allow me to begin by saying: Our reputation is our business. 

Our ability to be easy to work with serves our clients best interests but it also pays us well. It isn’t hard in this day and age to be responsive… even if you don’t yet have details or information to share.

Take 10

Responsiveness can look like taking 10 seconds to say the other broker that you will be in touch when you know more, and that you did receive their message.

Responsiveness is absolutely key in getting your client the best outcome. And this means in communicating with other brokers, lenders and vendors throughout the process.

When I was asking this other broker about how to improve our offer and didn’t hear back, I was aware that her inability to respond to my question was missing a huge opportunity to get the price of my client’s offer even higher for her client.

Seattle isn’t a big city folks. Your skills and responsiveness will determine whether you become known as a broker who

  1. knows their stuff and is easy to work with, or
  2. is hard to get a hold of and leads cumbersome transactions

Your small choices separate you, positively or negatively. Make the choice to be easy to get a hold of and responsive …and watch your business grow.

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