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Speak Up Seattle & Party with a Purpose

A movement dedicated to the education of girls in Bangladesh.

Heidi Nelson, Metropolist broker, giver and firecracker,  takes the lead on this November 1 Party with a Purpose. Take it away, Heidi!

“The third annual Speak Up, Seattle is fast approaching and we are so excited to be throwing this Party With A Purpose at Metropolist!

What is Speak Up For the Poor?

Speak Up For the Poor is a not for profit organization based out of Kulna, Bangladesh.
Sandwiched between India and Burma, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world that we rarely hear about.

Aside from the extreme poverty and regular flooding that impacts this little pocket of Asia, Bangladesh has another problem:  Education for girls. It’s just not considered important.

Where Speak Up comes in


The Girls Education Program is designed to keep girls living in poverty in school.

By working with families and communities to re-educate the value of an educated girl, Speak Up is impacting the the cycle of poverty and dramatic rate of illegal child marriages in villages across Bangladesh.

It is personal

Speak Up is very near to my heart. In 2011, my brother, Troy Anderson began this effort.
He now lives most of the year in Kulna and has dedicated his life to seeing these children have a better future.
I’m super excited to have him joining us on November 1st to share about how we can help.  We have so much. Our resources are plenty.  The least we can do is donate.
You’re invited to this fun, educational talk and fundraiser on

November 1, 7pm at Metropolist.
If you want to know more about Speak Up, check out the website and purchase tickets.