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Start 2020 Right With an Event for Real Estate Agents

The real estate sector is currently undergoing a time of unprecedented change, and there are more challenges ahead in 2020. This makes it critical to stay at the top of your game in order to stand out and succeed. When you attend an event for real estate agents, you set yourself up with tools and strategies for a great year. There are a few challenges facing the industry right now that the right real estate event will help you overcome.

The Real Root of Disruption

Disruption starts with unhappy customers, not with technology. The truth is, many customers are dissatisfied because inexperienced, unskilled agents aren’t meeting their needs. This is the silent disruption happening in the industry today.

Future Fears
Even though the economy is solid, people tend to latch onto fears of where it’s going. An increasingly negative news cycle filled with trade disputes and a tense political climate are causing Americans to become more anxious. This can affect clients’ decisions to enter the real estate market.

Seek out an event with industry professionals and like-minded agents in your area to learn skills and tactics to address these challenges. Here’s what an event for real estate agents will do to get you started on the right foot.

Build Your Skills
There’s no secret formula or quick fix for success. You must consistently dedicate time for real estate training and skill development that’s based on an effective system. An exceptional real estate event should elevate your professionalism and your skills, which will help you stand out from the crowd in a rapidly changing environment.

Increase Your Level of Service
In this digital-first environment, it’s vital to focus on the customer. Agents must go above and beyond to provide an exceptional client experience that tech can’t replicate. Seek out a real estate event that gives you the opportunity to brainstorm with top-producing agents and take home new strategies for providing high-quality service.

Transform You Into a Total Pro
To skillfully deal with the negative news cycles and market fears, agents must be confident, reassuring and armed with knowledge so that they can bring perspective that’s based in truth and fact. Become an expert in your field by attending an event for real estate agents so you can help your clients swap their market fears with unshakable facts.

If you want to discover what the most successful agents are doing, and start 2020 off on the right foot, consider attending an event for real estate agents this year. I’ll be leading the all-new Buffini & Company Master Class in 2020 for agents who want to network and learn from one another. Sign up and find out why Master Class is the best fit for your office.
By Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini immigrated to San Diego from Ireland in 1986 and became a top-performing REALTOR®. He then founded Buffini & Company to share his powerful lead-generation system. Buffini & Company has trained more than 3 million people in 37 countries and coaches more than 25,000 business pros. Today, Brian’s a New York Times best-selling author and reaches over 7 million listeners a year through “The Brian Buffini Show” podcast. For more information, please visit

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