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Stay In The Loop…Annual Housing Report

Keeping current with the Market is the key to success.

In Seattle’s housing market, it really boils down to a numbers game. And knowing how to leverage information and strategize to your advantage are just a few of the ways to yield desired results.
A helpful tool comes from The Northwest Multiple Listing Service’s annual Statistical Review and Highlights Report which compares year over year housing data.

One of the key factors that jumps right off the page is that the King County median price for single-family homes is up nearly 14.17%. Perhaps the most drastic change in King County is the 26.5% decrease in homes listed. But when you do a side-by-side comparison of 2015 & 2016 you’ll see there is a change in nearly every key metric.

For some people analyzing the market is a snap, for others, just a blur over when confronted with charts and graphs. This might be the key factor in deciding how to approach this ever changing market and mapping out your next steps to buying or selling a home.