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No. #1 Strategy for Reducing Buyer Stress

In Seattle’s competitive housing market, buyers looking to purchase properties are under a heavy weight of stress. Inventory is low, multiple bids on single-family homes, condos and townhouses are fairly common and buyers, especially new buyers, can get very weary of the process, which means stressed and likely, fearful.

We found some serious inspiration and multiple strategies to share from a recent blog post by Denise Lones of The Lones Group, and we’d love to add one more to her list as well.

Denise Lones’ latest blog post: Keeping Calm: Strategies for Reducing Buyer Stress we found a solid list of 4 strategies she’s shared regarding what our buyers are definitely facing right here at home.

Did you write this just for us, Denise? 😉

She really drills down to good reminders as well regarding communication, expectations and industry, as well as local, knowledge & skills when working in a seller’s market.


But wait, there’s more…one more!
AND, there is one more key strategy to keep in mind in a seller’s market. It’s the one that comes prior to any of the other strategies…she actually mentioned it in her own title.

Keeping Calm.

The No. 1 Strategy for Reducing Buyer Stress is ….
You, the professional broker, in the competitive seller’s market with very little inventory, keep calm.

That’s the foundational strategy that all of the other 4 Denise wrote about actually rest on.

You are the one who keeps calm for your buyers in this market. And it comes first.

Easy? No.

Especially if you have several buyers who are all weary of the process, dejected, scared and ….uh oh….emotional.

Conversations can be hard. Communication can strain. It isn’t very much fun. AND…

You must keep your personal stress level in check. Keep your own good health and good spirits, with an eye on the prize, in order to serve those in your sphere to the very best of your ability in the face of a challenge.

Lead the process with care
When you’re calm and doing your best, your job will be clearer and easier to execute. Your care and attention to your own stress levels will allow you to better serve your own clients (and family too!). You, as the leader, set the tone, stage and process in motion. It’s actually an excellent opportunity. Here are two fast things you can do to activate this strategy of keeping calm.

Remind yourself of this one thing:
You are the pro these buyers signed on with. Remind yourself that this was the charge you signed on for when you became their broker.

It’s not about “finding them a house” as much as it’s about presenting them with options that meet their criteria.

Fuel your brain…it’s free!
We aren’t going to tell you to read a book right now. If you’re feeling stress in this market, a book isn’t going to help you. Some more oxygen will definitely help!

Immediately decrease your own stress level, anxiety, racing heart, or, if you’re naturally chill, just enjoy more brain fuel and better performance.

Here are a couple of times & places to incorporate deep breaths into your day. How about 3 big ones?:

  • before picking up the phone
  • before starting and stopping the car
  • at a traffic light
  • during an inspection
  • standing in line
  • waiting for…anything or anyone!
  • before you click any social media icon on your phone
  • before and after you eat or drink anything
  • right before any meeting
  • before you get out of bed
  • before you watch tv
  • during commercials

Where else in your day can you engage your lungs and brain to better serve yourself & others? When would be easy for you to not only remember, but to also do it?

Your restful, easy, stress-free outlook will help your buyers with their own experience. So, go ahead and set the tone for every transaction you work on and every relationship you are in.

Your leadership, ability to think and speak well to clients who really need your best self will shine through, and your own stress will diminish and fade when you attend to your own nervous system first.


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