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Support & Aesthetics Meet at This Seattle Real Estate Firm

The real estate business can be lonely and overwhelming. If you’ve been a Seattle broker for any amount of time, you might even consider that first sentence an understatement.

We know, understand and act to support our brokers with beautifully designed, relevant broker tools to use when clients are interested in buying or selling, of course, but also when clients would like to check in on the market, their neighborhood and their property investments.

One fairly recent way we’ve done this is by creating, designing, publishing and releasing the Metropolist Magazine. Hey, have you downloaded your digital copy yet?

Metropolist broker seattle new home owner couple

When your dream job is getting them their dream home, you need the right tools to make your job easier.

When we began the firm almost 4 years ago…

Early on, we actually had a vision of producing a magazine when we were just getting our legs under us and taking our first business baby steps. The final product, this printed magazine, coming to life so soon into our firm’s trajectory is a triumph and we’re excited to share it.

We’ve considered your clients by providing:

  • A beautiful compelling design
  • Sourced and cited data covering the first 6 months of the year (2017)
  • Graphs and charts for the more-linear client
  • Stories unique to our current market
  • Neighborhood breakouts for clients looking at specific districts in Seattle
  • Commercial insights in both story and data form
  • Condominium highlights

What else?

We’ve taken into account that not every person in your database may be looking to buy or sell right now. But if they already do have a property, this magazine offers a way to check in on the market…and check in on their investment.

All in 12 pages of gorgeous goodness

Metropolist Magazine is a sales tool – one of many – that our brokers use with pride. We’ve printed several thousand of these magazines on quality paper with a professional printer…and it shows.

Think about using this magazine in your own career

How could a professionally developed, aesthetically designed support tool like this ease your path to real estate success? What if a branded document like this were to come together every 6 months and possibly highlight an amazing story of yours, like the current edition does with Sara, Chad and Patrick?

When you’re ready to take a tour, get a printed copy and discuss how Metropolist might become your best partner, asset and advocate for your best career success in real estate, email us.

Get your copy of the Metropolist Magazine and see if tools like this one could help you speak with your buyers, sellers and potential clients as well. Download your copy now.