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The Culture Club: Making giving a part of your approach to working

As we examined last week, brokers need to interview firms just as much as firms interview agents. Fit is everything- from fee structures, support and more, there is a lot to consider when you are considering changing firms in order to better align your business with success.

This week, we follow up those questions with an important final question that can be the make-it-or-break-it in the decision making process-

  1. Do they offer opportunity for you to give?
    Yes, I said give, not get.  Of course you would be remiss to not ask about the value to your business through your brokerage, but do you ask the all- too-important question about how they set you up to give? We are all relational beings, some more than others, but all of us want to give back in some capacity.I don’t just mean writing a check to a foundation or even doing a once-a-year community service day. I mean making giving a part of the ethos of your brokerage. By giving non-profits a platform at your brokerage, through events and activities as well as by donations, truly demonstrates recognizing a need in the community that you, as a broker, can nimbly respond to- with brokerage support.

    More importantly, on a daily basis, does your brokerage foster a culture that inspires you to be involved on some level because they understand on a base level that we all need to give back to the community we serve?

    We need to give because we are seasoned brokers who have a lot to share about how to succeed in this industry.  We need to give because we are new to the industry, offering a new perspective and unique outlook on this stale industry.  We need to give by showing up, being involved and understanding that while this business attracts loners, it is done most successfully by those who show up and give in collaboration with their firm.

    The bottom line is this– the most important thing to understand when you interview a brokerage is whether or not they inspire you to bring your best to the table, to emanate greatness at every turn, and to reach (and exceed) the goals you set for your business.

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