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Tips for Getting Back in Gear

Finish strong with a stellar 4th quarter!

It’s been so nice hasn’t it?  The weather, before the smoke set it; the entertaining family and friends who visit Seattle in the summer; the slower pace than the frenetic spring market; the flip flops and short sleeve shirts.

But alas, fall is approaching and it is time to get back into business mode.  The summer has a way of slowing down our brain, there is much more stimulus to distract us. The sun is out, people are visiting, Seattleites are out for the watching and the NW has so much recreation to offer.  But summer brain needs to be turned off for now. It’s time to kick it in gear and bring the 4th quarter to life.  What are a few things you can do to help yourself switch gears into the fabulous broker you know you are?

  • Revisit those goals: How close are you? What needs to be done to make it happen?
  • Get granular: Exactly how many sellers and buyers do you need to reach that goal and where will they come from?
  • Shout it out: Speak your push goals to a coworker, a spouse, someone who can check in with you by year end. Saying it out loud for others to hear triggers in our brain to get to work because we don’t want to fail.  After all, a goal no one knows about can be easily dismissed.
  • Go on tour: The market has slowed considerably these last few months and pricing is not what is used to be. You need to get inside homes and see them with your own eyes so you can be good at your listing prices and ultimately sell more homes.
  • Lets Party: Do a client appreciation party sometime this fall or winter. If you are a Metropolist broker, you get to take part in the 4 client events we put on for you and your clients every year. The tailgate party and the Pie Party are coming up. If not, then what are you doing to foster those relationships in your database and provide value? If you want to see how it’s done come on down to the Tailgate on September 9th!
  • Get educated and accountable: Even if you aren’t a Metropolist broker, you are always welcome to join in our weekly Production Meetings, Contracts and Skills classes. As well as upcoming clock hours at The Learning Lab. Come by and get a good motivational swat in the pants to keep your foot on the gas in the last quarter.

Hope you are able to switch gears and finish strong for 2018!  Here’s to a prosperous 4th quarter!