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Part I: Are you in the way of your own success?


There are 3 key elements to running a successful business and all three are equally necessary.  These 3 keys are Mindset, Skillset and Actions. Mindset is a combination of how one thinks and one’s beliefs. Skillsets are the traits and tools one uses. And Actions are the steps one takes in moving forward. In this post, the focus is on Mindset. A person’s mindset drives headeverything they do and more importantly, what they don’t do. There are two important distinctions of the brain; the conscious mind and the sub-conscious or non-conscious mind. For example, when we set a goal, we are using the conscious portion of our brain. And the non-conscious part of the mind then kicks in and actually drives our steps. Here-in lies the problem. No matter what we decide to put our minds to (conscious), the beliefs that our non-conscious holds (and thus controls), can take us down a different path. In other words, it’s our own beliefs that help us achieve our goals and can also sometimes keep us from accomplishing them. Understanding the difference is crucial to your success. To learn more on your own, read “The Answer” by John Assaraf or visit To learn more in a group setting, check out the course offerings in “The Learning Lab” at or feel free to drop in anytime at our weekly skills group or office meetings where we practice shaping our mindset each week.

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