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What’s Your Why, Real Estate Broker?

Get to your goal by knowing where you want to go…and why.

Jennifer Nelson shares about setting specific, more personal, more real receiving goals.

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Sure, there are several goal-setting articles and many many gadgets to help you get and stay focused on your goals. But before you download another new app or tool, consider this.

In real estate, a goal-setting session usually includes a dollar amount: we want to make $200k a year or something like that. What I think gets missed is the why behind the money. After all, the money is immaterial: it, by itself, doesn’t matter.

What does matter

What does matter is why we want that much money. If you haven’t thought about this before, I think you would be surprised at what comes up when you put your “why” behind it.

Receiving goals

We set receiving goals here at Metropolist. Here’s what that practice looks like:

We ask ourselves a series of questions about how much money we would like to have in different categories of our lives: feel-good, contingency, retirement for the year, travel, tithing or giving, daily living expenses, etc.

Then we add all those numbers together and to arrive at the goal.  So a broker in our firm will have more specific goals, such as making $232,750 (instead of an unsubstantiated $200k).

This is a real number, taken from the receiving goal practice, which is tied to something real in that broker’s life.

The money doesn’t matter, but the things we get to do with the money we earn and receive?

That’s what matters.

So, what is your why?

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