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Your Holiday Cleaning Toolkit

From an abundance of people traipsing through your house to party-food spills in your living room, although festive, the holidays are messy! But fear not: with the right supplies you can tackle cleaning challenges with ease and save your home from permanent scars. Follow these suggestions from Real Simple:

A rubber broom. You won’t believe how effective the rubber bristles are at collecting pine needles from the floor and pet hair from carpets. A must for the holidays…and year-round!

Pan scrapers. This inexpensive little tool will become the most valuable item in your kitchen. Use it to scrape stubborn remnants off pans and dishes, like baked-on bits of pie crust and casseroles. It’s squarish design is especially effective for getting stubborn debris dislodged from corners. Usually made from nylon, they’re safe for your non-stick surfaces.

Specialized stain removers. ’Tis the time of year when you’ll want to order specific stain removers for different types of spills. Look for those that tackle red wine accidents and those that go to work on fat and oil splatters, for starters.

Handheld vacuum. If you don’t have this tool in your cleaning arsenal, now’s a good time to make the investment. Dragging out the vacuum every time guests pop by or gifts are unwrapped is impractical, but whipping out the handheld is quick and easy, and allows you to target areas that need a quick clean-up, like when that dish of cashews tumbles over.

Cleaning caddy. A good bucket or caddy to store you essential cleaning supplies – sponge, cloths, squeegee, cleaning sprays, etc. – will be your best friend during the holidays. Keep it stocked with the essentials and in a handy spot so that you can grab and go at a moment’s notice. This will save you valuable time when guests are due to arrive.


Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash