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2nd Annual Client Appreciation Tailgate Party Blowout

We like big parties. So we throw them.

Case in point: our bodacious 2nd Annual Tailgate Party last weekend. Check out the spread for this client appreciation party …thrown by the firm, enjoyed by the brokers and all of their clients.

It felt like the Super Bowl, but it was really just the first away-game of the season.

Being in SODO, Seattle, and a neighbor to the Seahawks just down the street, it seemed right and easy to throw a tailgate party for all of our clients and friends.

It’s a great way to connect and provide a bit of a party and a community-feel at the same time around our home team: GoHawks!

We were thrilled! More than 100 people were in the house and rooting for the home team by 1:30pm….and the game started at 1:05.

Awesome eats

The mac & cheese bar was a hit with the kids of all ages.

Also fun to have so many bring a dish to share, potluck style.

Favorite bites, both hot and cold, decked the tables during the whole dang game.

It makes good business sense to throw larger client appreciation parties.


Given our beautiful space in a historic building, in the heart of SODO, where there’s still some street parking, and the incredible football fan-base, we think it’s a no-brainer way to gather people together.

Let’s get together

Our culture is collaborative and social by nature, and our brokers are encouraged to send the invitations to the buyers, sellers and partners of all kinds, so everyone gets to enjoy the game.

In a beautiful place.

With awesome food and drink.
And a bonafide tailgate. (We rolled up the door & backed up the truck.)

All are welcome

Some brokers had family members come in from out of town. Neighbors were invited, old neighbors were also invited.

There were new babies and kids who had gotten a little older to visit as well.

Clients are impressed when they attend our appreciation events. And we, as a firm, do the heavy lifting (and funding) of these events to encourage each broker’s success.

It’s just one more way to connect, celebrate and nurture the valuable local relationships in a fun, casual way. More family members can (and do) attend, it’s not as rushed as a coffee date and it’s a bigger community experience.

What could a party like this do for your business?

If you’d like to experience a client appreciation party, Metropolist-style, send word and we’ll have you stop by for our Pie Party in November.

Come and see what it might feel like to participate in an extravagant party…and how that might impact your own real estate business practice.