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7 Emerging startups in Seattle

Seattle is known as a hotbed of innovation. It is, after all, home to tech giants Microsoft and Amazon. The tech landscape here continues to evolve as more startups make their mark in Emerald City in more ways than one.

The great news is that they’re thriving.VC data provider CB Insights found that in 2015 alone. Seattle-based startups raised a total amounting to $1.12 billion in venture capital. Here are some of these successful startups:

  1. OfferUp

 This mobile marketplace lets users post listings and buy items from friends, family, and other nearby users within the Seattle area using phones and tablets. Categories include furniture, clothing, shoes, electronics, and baby products.

According to BizJournals, OfferUp was valued at $1.35 billion in 2018, making it one of the highest-valued privately held companies in the Pacific Northwest.

It raised $39 million in 2018 as part of a $150 million funding round that will allow it to compete against marketplace giants like eBay and Craigslist. Crunchbase lists its total founding amount at $260 million.

It was founded in 2011 by CEO Nick Huzar and Strategic Advisor Arean van Veelen.

  1. Glowforge

 This Seattle startup brought 3D laser printer models using laser cutter and engraver technology to the market. Their printers allow users to make pour-over coffee stands, lamps, messenger bags, and many other items out of plywood, leather, acrylic, and other materials.

Founded by CEO Dan Shapiro and CTO Mark Gosselin, Glowforge made crowdfunding history in 2015 when it raised $27.9 million in just 30 days.  The company raised an additional $10 million to expedite orders for their products and to widen their consumer base in 2018. Major contributors for this endeavor were their existing investors, True Ventures and the Foundry Group. The startup hit a new milestone that same year, announcing $70 million in sales.

  1. Arivale

 Scientific wellness startup Arivale connects customers with health coaches and data driven weight loss programs to help them reach their personal goals and minimize the risk for disease.

The company’s weight loss program takes factors like genetics, biological markers, stress levels, family history, and sleep patterns to create customized fitness plans for participants, who then work closely with coaches to stay on track.

Arivale was founded in 2014 by CEO Clayton Lewis and genetics expert Dr. Lee Hood. The latter also founded Amgen, Rosetta, Applied Biosystems, and many other biotech companies.

This celebrated Seattle startup raised $36 million in 2015, a large chunk of which went toward clinical tests, member recruitment, and hiring.

  1. Julep

 This privately held company is at the fore of the cosmetics industry, creating SLS, paraben, and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products for discerning buyers. The company releases as many as 300 products each year, from cleansing oils to sheet masks.

With entrepreneur Jane Park at the helm, Julep aims to simplify the multi-step Korean skincare regimen by making innovative products available and “more approachable” to consumers.

Julep has its own iOS app that allows users to browse, save, and shop for their latest products. They also have a box subscription program called The Maven, which is fully customizable and includes full-sized products instead of samples.

The company was acquired by Glansaol, a New York-based beauty brand, in 2016. It has since grown steadily over time. In fact, sales tripled in the next two years that followed.

Julep’s operations will be combined with those of sister companies Laura Geller and Clark’s Botanicals. But it will continue to sell its products online and at physical stores like Ulta and Nordstrom.

  1. Turi

 Formerly known as GraphLab and Datu, this artificial intelligence and machine learning startup changed its name to Turi (in homage to computer science whiz Alan Turing) after a trademark infringement battle with another startup named Datto.

Founded by computer science professor Carlos Guestrin from the University of Washington, the company raised $18.5 million from investors like Vulcan, Madrona Venture Group, and other venture capital firms in 2015.

Apple acquired the company in a high-profile, $200-million deal in 2016 in a bid to make more in-roads in artificial intelligence and to strengthen its presence in Seattle.

  1. Pluto VR

Pluto VR, a five-year-old Seattle startup, launched its first product in Early Access on Steam. The company is dedicated toward developing an app that facilitates virtual communication, and in effect, allows for a higher level of interaction and collaboration in artificial spaces.

Pluto VR has a gilded history, with seasoned tech practitioners from Microsoft, Disney, Valve, PopCap Games, and other esteemed companies establishing the startup in 2014. It has been perfecting its VR communication app ever since.

It is set to change the multi-user VR experience after raising a staggering $13.9 million in 2017 to build its platform and continue testing its VR product.


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Photo by Kyler Boone on Unsplash