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7 Organization Tips for Your Seasonal Gear and Decorations

Decking the halls is good fun and all, but shuffling through piles of wreaths, lights, ornaments, dreidels, wrapping paper, and stockings is nothing to fa la la about. 

Cut back on the holiday overwhelm with these organization ideas for your festive gear.

#1 Make a Holiday Closet


Under stairs holiday closet with sign: Welcome to North Pole

Instead of doing a holiday-themed scavenger hunt each November, put all your holiday gear in a single closet. You’ll keep it dust-free, together, and at your fingertips. Since this closet will be all holidays, all the time, leave some of your decorations out and use them to adorn the space. Easy to find and festive; it’s a twofer.

If your closet is unfinished, use the space between the wall studs to store hanging items. They work like little cubby holes to maximize storage space.

#2 Use Clear Bins


Large, clear plastic tubs full of Christmas decorations

Everything’s packed in tidy boxes. Good. But how will you find the stockings if you use a bunch of identical, opaque tubs? Even if you label each bin (which takes more energy than most of us have post-holiday), you can’t possibly list everything inside. A better idea: clear bins. Hey look, the stockings.

Square bins make better use of the space than tall or odd-shaped ones. Measure your storage area so you buy exactly the right size and number of bins to maximize the space.

#3 Organize With an Inventory App


Gray boxes labeled "Christmas decorations" with QR code

If clear bins aren’t in keeping with your closet aesthetic, pick whatever container suits your fancy and keep track of your stuff with an inventory app like Sortly.

Just photograph and tag your things as you put them in a bin. The app will assign a QR code that you print and attach to the bin. When you go looking for your vintage 1940s ornaments, scan the label, and the app will show you a list of every item in the box.

Just be sure to back up your data on another device so you don’t lose the menorah if you lose your phone.

#4 Hang Your Wreaths


Assorted holiday wreaths hanging on closet rod

Nothing takes the holly jolly out of the holiday like crushed wreaths. If you put them in a bin or on lay them on a shelf, they may not survive till next season. Instead, hang them from a clothing rod in a closet. You can use pot hanger hooks to suspend them or make your own.

You don’t need to dedicate an entire closet to wreaths. Just add a second bar to a coat closet.

#5 Equip a Baking Cart

Blue rolling cart with stand mixer and other baking items
Blue baking cart tucked inside a closet | Organized Holiday

Holidays mean baking, and baking means lugging the stand mixer, the cookie cutters, and the jars of glittery sprinkles out of the cabinets for every sweet batch.

Instead, put your supplies in one place, on a rolling baking cart. Store it in your pantry or in a corner, and roll it out when you’re ready to bake. Best of all, you can use it year round, not just at the holidays.

#6 Wrap It Up With a Wrapping Station


Wrapping paper tubes corralled against a wall in a closet

Rolls of wrapping paper are awkward to store and constantly in the way. And if the rolls get dinged, the darn paper tears. You can store your paper and use up dead space, too, with a wall-mount storage system. Hang it in a closet on a blank wall, put your paper in it, and you have a wrapper’s delight.

#7 Corral the Coats


Entry way filled with coats and shoes decorated for holidays

When winter hits, your house turns into a debris field of coats, boots, and gloves. Keep that blizzard of outerwear from ruining your festive and organized house with an entryway cabinet. It’s a clutter catcher that will make your holidays (and the rest of the year) a little easier.