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Anything Can Happen During a Home Inspection

Among the several stories shared in last week’s home inspection class, was one about an inspector who showed up to a property, business as usual. Then, a van pulls up and the prospective buyers jump out … along with their 7 children. Rambunctious, no-need-for-a-nap, entertain-me-now 7 kids.

As the broker, what’s your plan?

What would you do if you walked in to that scenario?

Okay. Professionally speaking, what would you do?

While it seems like a far-fetched story, we do feel for the broker who faced this one on his own. There are a lot of moving parts already during a home inspection, right? Lots of things we, as the reliable real estate brokers, can’t control but we actually do hold some responsibility in the process.

Do you have a game plan for unexpected things like this? One simple thing would be to text or call a reminder to the buyer. They may offer details about what’s going one, what or who they might be bringing and even let you know they might be running behind.

You don’t have to have coloring books or decks of UNO cards or scads of snacks in your car at all times.

No. You don’t.

Would it make your job and experience easier to have a few things on hand if you knew that your first-time buyer was taking time off work to pick up the kids early in order to get to the home inspection?


Or, that your buyer had been working on a career-critical presentation for the last month and was due to present it the morning of the inspection?

Is there anything you can think of that might help this first-time buyer out on a day like that? What would that look like?

And, would the value of your service increase in that buyer’s eyes if you put 5-minutes into considering the day your client is having before you drove out to property for that inspection?

In this business of relationships and referrals, increasing the value of your service just might include a bit of thoughtfulness as to what else might be going on in your buyer’s life.