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A Body Language Clock Hour Course for Brokers?

We’re diving in to the soft, subtle skills that can either confuse or close your clients.

You may not realize the nonverbal messaging in your body language that you’re already sending out.

Consider this

What would you do with more – and better- skills in connecting with people? How might your life in your relationships be different?

The game of real estate is about perfecting your people skills and honing the ability to read nuances.

Building your best real estate practice is also learning about and knowing yourself, including how you come across to others (what messages you send that you are hoping to send, but also identifying and avoiding those you don’t.)


If you could learn how to better communicate in order to reach more people, would you want to take it?

If you could discover and understand more about the messages we inadvertently send in a clock hour class, would you register?

What if you were able to adopt new patterns to get the results you want from a few minor nonverbal changes? Any interest there?

If the class was taught by a focused, entertaining speaker who knew her material backward and forwards and gave fantastic examples that kept the class moving forward and the ideas and insights surging, would you consider taking it?

Well, get ready

Kathy Clayton, the relationship expert of Kathy Clayton Coaching, is a lively, exuberant speaker with a 20-year track record of working with others to help them get what they want.

Nonverbal body talk is one avenue to help clarify your communication and that is the focus of an upcoming clock hour class.

One reviewer, a real estate broker, said this of her work with Kathy:

“My life is dramatically different today because I spent a year of my life with you as my coach. I never thought that it could make such a difference. I was tired of being stuck in the same revolving door. Year after year being frustrated in areas of my career but not knowing what else I wanted to do.

I had the motivation and tenacity to move forward, I just needed someone to help me with the direction. I’ve learned to identify some of the cycles and patterns in my life and I’m getting better at managing them more effectively. 

Cathy Fullerton
Keller Williams

This is who we’re bringing to speak and teach for our next class.

We’re fortunate she’s joining us!

You’re invitation

Register for this April 11th clock hour class, from 10am to 1pm, and learn to read and speak the language of nonverbal body talk.

Our Learning Lab classes are always free for Metropolist brokers. 

Education matters.

Meet me at Metropolist!