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Breakfast with Epiphanies at Metropolist


As we begin 2024, the Brokers of Metropolist are offered a unique opportunity to reflect upon their personal and professional experiences while being part of our brokerage. Since 2008, we have been sharing our feelings on market fluctuations, gratitude, and appreciations of Real Estate. This has become a tradition we like to call Breakfast with Epiphanies. Along with coffee, juice, and bagels a real connection is passed around the table as each broker has an opportunity to share what poignantly stood out to them over the course of the previous year. Our Designated Broker Chad posed the following questions for our brokers to consider: 

-How have you been helped in increasing your production? 

-How have you increased your activities with your sphere? 

-How have you been personally impacted? 

-Who has impacted you the most this year? 

-How have you improved your quality of life being a broker at Metropolist? 

-What do you love about Metropolist and working here? 


During our breakfast meeting Metropolist Broker Emily Austin shares with everyone:

“We get nothing but support and encouragement from Chad, Domenica, Heather/Laura and everyone else at Metropolist. There is an element of collaboration at our office that is unique as far as I can tell. We help each other, lift each other up, and cheer each other on when big things happen.”

It is inspiring listening to brokers telling their stories about who or what they appreciate and why this is important to them. These heartfelt statements convey just how important we are to each other. It is a great reminder for us of how important it really is to slow down and take time for the people we are interacting with. Resoundingly, everyone really appreciates our Metropolist Trainers who have taken their time to help us all out with anything and everything from tech troubleshooting to figuring our business systems and a robust schedule of contract and skills classes every week. Several brokers commented on themes of change in 2023 and how they’ve felt supported throughout those changes within the consistent and professional environment of collaboration we create intentionally here at Metropolist. We like to use this occasion to talk through our broker’s needs, looking for potential ways we can grow to meet those needs as we move forward together in the new year. 

“I have been helped with increasing my production mostly due to the environment at Metropolist and the support I’ve received from the people I work with.” Stevie Reed – Metropolist Real Estate Broker 


If Breakfast with Epiphanies sounds like the way you’d like to get your year off to a great start, then we would love to see you at our next meeting. 

 Upcoming Metropolist Meetings:  

 Monday – Contracts and Skills + Meeting with Yourself – January 20th @ 10am West Seattle Office  

Tuesday – Broker Meeting with Special Guest Denise Lones – January 27th  @ 10am West Seattle Office 

Wednesday – Momentum & Cozying up with Cloze Workshop – February 14th @ 11am West Seattle Office 

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