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Buyer’s Agency Form: How It Serves You and Your Clients

Taking the fear out of using the Buyer’s Agency Form.

When you begin using this form, you’ll enhance your business and help your buyers.

In our skills class recently we discussed the topic of buyer’s agency, and the thought occurred that most agents don’t use this form as they are basically afraid to use it.

contracts class real estate school metropolist seattleThe function of the form

The buyers agency form delineates what is expected of the broker and what is expected of the buyer. It clearly talks about who buying brokers get paid, it also talks about the “what-ifs” that some buyers worry about.

When using this in conjunction with your buyer consultation, you can help your buyers feel at home with you guiding the process exclusively for them.

Your fear of this form excludes you from the benefits of how it helps your buyers, so pull this form out and practice this in the context of your buyer consultations.

Then, be amazed at how it helps define your duties and also keeps you from a lot of unnecessary work with buyers who don’t how the process works.

metropolist real estate seattle educationWhat else?

What else will benefit your buyers as well as your business?

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