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Your Real Estate Practice: Calculated or Strategic?

Which feels better in your real estate practice?

Jennifer Nelson clarifies the difference between these two terms, and highlights the benefits of one.

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I have heard a lot of brokers over the years talk about this business being “too calculated.” If I am “calculating” about reaching out to my friend and family for the business, well, that feels bad.

I want to be, and feel, genuine in my business. I don’t want to feel I am doing this or the other thing to get business.

It’s kind of like the same argument between being “salesy” or helpful.

Let me take a minute to talk about this…..anything you care about is strategic. Not calculated, but strategic.

For example

  • Do you do things your partner or spouse likes?
  • Do you sometimes do things for them that you don’t really like to do but you know will benefit them?
  • Do you feel bad about that?
  • Do you feel that is calculated?

Let me help you by saying it is not calculated.

It is strategic. You know that by paying attention and being intentional, you are helping them achieve something and also make a living doing it.  So, get strategic, plan how you can help your clients, plan so you can be good at it and then let it pay you.

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