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CMA Mastery: Pricing with Confidence

CMA Mastery: Pricing with confidence
Thursday, April 23rd
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
3 clock hours

Seats are limited. Don’t miss out- REGISTER NOW.

Sponsored in part by Urban Systems Design
Do you want to feel more confident in your pricing abilities? Always wonder how others determine their pricing process? Come learn from some gurus and hone your skills in the CMA Process. The only way on the path to Mastery is practice. We will also cover the entire Client Journey for a seller, including the pre-list packet, pre-list interview, the walk-through process and the Seller Consultation.

6fcbe02c-aea6-4afb-8908-6ff3c2f8393c-2The cool folks from Urban Systems Designs will present a short overview of what the RainWise program is.
Learn how property owners participate, relevant info for agents regarding buying/selling a RainWise home, and ways to promote the program.