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Connecting With Clients: The Pop-By

Casual and quick, the pop-by is worth the effort.

Director of Learning Lab Education at Metropolist, Jennifer Nelson, shares this overlooked connecting option.


I teach many of the clock hour classes here at the Learning Lab in Seattle, and many times I ask, by show of hands, how many brokers have visited the clients they sold homes to in the last year.

The number of hands vary in class.

In posing the question to you, how did you answer?


You might be one of those like the rest of us that get “too busy” to stay in touch with our clients which inevitably leads to no work at all.

Simple but powerful and effective

The pop-by is a great way to connect without a full commitment of a dinner or lunch, even though those are good to do when you can fit them in.

The pop-by is literally what it says it is: popping by to say hi and check in.

It is not going inside and staying for an hour.

It is not, spending a ton of money to bring them a gift each time you visit.

It isn’t supposed to stress your client out but rather just tell them upfront that you can’t come in but just wanted to say hello because you were in the area.

Worth mentioning

Not sure what to say beyond “hello”?

You might mention the work they have done to the outside of their house. Follow up on something you saw on social media about their family, their work, their vacation.

You might bring a small gift (under $10)  as a way of saying thank you for being such a great referring client and supporting your business. But most of all, it is a connection: a live, in-the-flesh connection with your client. Priceless. And they will notice your effort and feel special in being singled-out for a simple hello.

Give it a whirl and make the effort to fit it in: you will be surprised at the return on investment on this one!

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