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Connecting with New Clients: Device or Face-to-Face?


What will help you sell a property or get a new buyer to work with?

Many in our world have quickly become very comfortable with texting and emailing.

It is so convenient.

We, as brokers, have become so used to devices, platforms and channels that when we have to write on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil, it feels very slow and sometimes physically awkward or even painful.

Maybe we are  out of practice with pen-to-paper writing.

Are we are also out of practice with  face-to-face conversations?

Are you, personally out of practice with in-person meetings, either business or personal?

The “new normal” isn’t helping you build your business

The fast-paced, device-driven communication style is the new normal but it does it help you sell houses? No. It doesn’t. Promise.

It’s great for logistics, checking in and rapid communication on a transaction, but does Facebook or texting reliably and immediately build trust with a new client or prospect you’ve never met? No, it does not.

Not the way that an in-person introduction or consultation does.

So, what does help sell a home?

We hold that live, in-person meetings are the easiest and most effective way to create lasting, meaningful relationships, relationships that help folks learn to trust you over time.

It’s time spent together that help us sell houses.

Best practices

  • Take the time to put your phone away (not just face down)
  • Be present
  • Ask good questions
  • Listen

By doing these simple, but not always easy things, you will stand out from other brokers. So many in this world of mass distraction just won’t take the tiny amounts of time or efforts.

Who will notice? The people you want to speak with. They will not only notice, but will be drawn to you. They will want to refer you to their loved ones so you will take good care of their people.

Make it a game

Next time you:

  • go to a restaurant, turn your phone off, put it completely away, and be present
  • are tempted to text a client, pick up the phone to call and talk with them or better yet, stop by their house and say a quick hello.

Connection matters. And the efforts you make will pay off.