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Domenica Contemplates Momentum

Momentum is the word I chose as a focus for this year. It’s a concept and focus I have been chewing on for a while now. So today, as I drove home from an all day session with a professional mastermind group I joined recently, I was thinking about momentum and how it plays into my business and life. I felt renewed, encouraged, and really really motivated. I had new ideas, was feeling excited about doing the things we talked about and that I know need doing. My assistant was probably shaking his head in annoyance as I barked orders at him over text throughout the day for all the things I wanted to start or re-start doing.


Early on in my career I noticed there was a certain rhythm to my motivation. A certain amount of time that I seemed able to keep it all together. I could stay on track and focused on my goals, and my daily and weekly business building tasks for about 3 weeks before I started to drift… get distracted… discouraged… aimless… It’s probably different for everyone, but for me it was about 3 weeks.

So to combat this I intentionally plugged things into my calendar that helped snap me back on track. Things like a coaching call, or a class, maybe a webinar, book or (nowadays) a podcast. If I did that every 2-3 weeks I would keep my momentum and continue making progress. As many of you know, in real estate consistency and momentum can mean the difference between being busy (read: get paid), or sitting around wondering if you need to go get a job.


These days the intervals are shorter for me. Too many hats, too many moving parts. I can lose focus fast now and find myself just staring at the wall in burnout wondering what it was I was supposed to be doing today.

So I guess it’s time for me to revisit my momentum keeping activities and get them plugged into my calendar. Right now I think once a week is the minimum effective timeframe for me. The good news is that we have Manifest Mondays every week to reflect on last week, plan for this week, practice skills, learn about contracts and connect with colleagues and mentors. So even if it’s not the week I have Encore with Denise Lones, or my awesome Vistage group, it’s okay. I can count on Manifest Mondays and body doubling with my colleagues to help keep me on track.

I will probably listen to some podcasts too though because they are pretty fun.
Hope you had a great week that makes you feel productive, healthy, balanced and successful.
Whatever that means to you. And if you ever want to sit in on Manifest Mondays shoot me a note. We always welcome visitors!